Kia Ora, Welcome to IMWA 2022 in New Zealand!

The New Zealand minerals sector proudly welcomes Mine Water Specialists from around the globe to participate in the 2022 Conference of the International Mine Water Association (IMWA 2022) in Christchurch from 6 – 10 November 2022.

We have called our conference R E C O N N E C T and plan to run a standard full attendance conference assuming relatively free movement by November. We can’t wait to see you all in New Zealand!

Still, there are many risks associated with the viability of our event. You may find information regarding these risks here:

Our programme will include the broad water management themes typical of an IMWA congress and we will be showcasing our world leading research and deployment of innovative passive treatment technologies, excellence in waste rock and tailings storage, world class surface water and groundwater prediction and monitoring along with spectacular geochemistry.

Our minerals sector embraces operating in diverse natural conditions, a sensitive environment and with a watchful community of stakeholders. New Zealand rainfall ranges from dry to wet (6 m/a of rain) and climate from subtropical to seasonally below freezing conditions.

For the last 3 decades, the environmental performance of the New Zealand minerals sector has been regulated by a proactive and stringent regime. These tight regulations and diverse natural conditions have placed our sector well to develop innovative and considered approaches to management of mine water both at surface and subsurface.

Come to New Zealand, participate in a world leading programme of mine water science and engineering, explore our diverse and innovative minerals sector and stay for some kiwi hospitality as well as our unique antipodean culture and the adventures that are so easy to find in our scenic country.

Best regards & Glückauf
Dr James Pope
IMWA 2022 Chair

Please note: Over the next few months we will be planning IMWA 2022 and will keep you updated through e-mail, website and social media. Some pages on this website are still under construction at the moment, but we’re working on providing you with all the information you need to plan your contribution and/or trip to Christchurch. #IMWA2022

The above kiwi vectors are kindly provided from Vectors by Vecteezy.