IMWA 2022 Risks & COVID-19

We have called our conference R E C O N N E C T and plan to run a standard full attendance conference assuming relatively free movement by the time of the congress. We can’t wait to see you all in New Zealand!

Risks to participation in IMWA 2022

Still, the organisers of IMWA 2022 acknowledge that there are many risks associated with the viability of our event including natural disasters, fire, unfavourable economic conditions, lack of support/interest, unfavourable social circumstances and of course COVID-19.

The organisers will endeavour to manage these risks and other risks in good faith and in a pragmatic manner that minimizes the chances of these risks impacting participation in IMWA 2022.

The organisers accept no liability for losses or damages caused by the effect of these risks or other circumstances beyond their reasonable control on participation in IMWA 2022.

It is possible that IMWA 2022 may be postponed or cancelled. The organisers reserve the right to cancel IMWA 2022 at their sole discretion and accept no liability for losses due to cancellation of IMWA2022.


In New Zealand our Ministry of Health makes recommendations to our government and the government implements policy that is focused on minimizing health impacts of COVID-19 on the community in Aeotearoa – New Zealand collectively. These policies might impact every person within or entering New Zealand through restrictions on border crossings, self isolation, business operations, vaccination, mask wearing, social distancing, gathering sizes or other factors.

In general, these policy settings implemented by the New Zealand government have been relatively conservative for the last two years and are likely to continue in this manner. The organisers of IMWA 2022 support our government with their objectives to minimize public health impacts of COVID-19 on the New Zealand population. So with regards public health implications of IMWA 2022, the organizing committee will be guided by the New Zealand Ministry of Health recommendations and resulting regulations and restrictions.

We recommend that all potential delegates acquaint themselves with New Zealand Ministry of Health recommendations and New Zealand Government policy settings before planning your participation in IMWA 2022.

Most critical information can be found at websites operated by the New Zealand Ministry of Health and Immigration New Zealand: &

Factors that are critical successful operation of IMWA 2022 include:

  • Access through New Zealand immigration control
  • Managed quarantine and self-isolation
  • Gathering sizes
  • COVID19 vaccination requirements

As at 1 August the New Zealand borders reopen to all tourists and visa holders. Travellers will still need to meet all health requirements to enter New Zealand, including vaccination requirements and providing proof of a negative pre-departure test.

View the website:

Your local organising committee thanks you for sharing risks related to operation and participation in IMWA 2022.