Short Course 5


Electrochemical Treatment and Phytoremediation of Mine Wastewater: The Kenyan Experience


Dr. Justin Kambale Maganga
Senior Lecturer in Environmental Analytical Chemistry, Taita Taveta University, Kenya or


Water scarcity have become a challenge world- wide. The challenge is further aggravated in mining areas where underground and surface waters have been contaminated by pollutants originating from the minerals being mined or those used in the processing. In water, conventional methods for pollutant removal can be costly and less effective in removal of some pollutants.

This workshop will bring out the challenges experienced in wastewater treatment and provide possible options for mitigation. A Kenyan perspective will be given where two methods i.e., electrochemistry and phytoremediation, have been used to remove pollutants in mine waters successfully.

The workshop targets researchers in the water sector, Technologists/Technicians in Universities and water industry, Lecturers and students in Universities and Technical Colleges (Environmental, Chemistry, Physics, Water Technology and Engineering) and professionals in environmental engineering, process and Mineral processing.

The programme will take one day (morning and afternoon session) and the participants will be handed in reading/Lecture materials in soft copy. The presentations will be done in power point.

Table: Programme

8.30-9.30Registration and IntroductionDr. Justin Maganga
9.30-10.00Introduction to Water and Wastewater QualityDr. Justin Maganga
10.05-10.30Wastewater Treatment TechnologiesDr. Justin Maganga
10.30-11.30Treatment of underground water by Electrochemical Methods: A Kenyan experience.Dr. Justin Maganga
11.30-12.30Plenary Discussion and Case StudiesParticipants
12.30-13.30Health Break
14.00-14.30Introduction to BioremediationDr. Justin Maganga
14.30-15.00A clip-on of Fluoride contamination in the Kenyan Rift Valley water sourcesDr. Justin Maganga
14.30-15.30Removal of Fluorides in wastewater using water plants: Kenyan experience.Dr. Justin Maganga
15.30-16.30Plenary Discussion, Case Studies and Collaboration OpportunitiesParticipants

The outcome of the workshop is to enlighten participants on the relationship between water quality parameters of any specific industry and the choice of treatment method. The participants will attain skills and knowledge necessary for wastewater treatment, hence implement these technologies in their own home country to solve the societal challenges of water quality.

There will be a forum to discuss on the areas of collaboration in joint proposals writing, capacity building, research exchange, Co-supervision of Graduate students among others. The workshop will provide a forum to build a consortium and network of experts in wastewater treatment. A certificate of participation will also be given to the participants.